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you are my sweetest downfall

i loved you first.

25 August
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- Reading romantic novels, sleeping until lunch time, laying outside in the warm summer sun; I’m enjoying being lazy. It seems as though my productivity is withering away with each passing day, when I have plenty of things I need to get done. It is hard, however, to think of doing anything at all when the weather is unbelievable for mid-July; I can actually walk outside without my clothes sticking to my skin. I don’t like to think about it, but summer is passing before me seamlessly, and before I know it, it will have passed completely.

the Rob to my Tom
the Kristen to my Ashley
the Stew to my Jett
the Noah to my Ally
the Ron to my Hermonie
the Tyler to my Ally
the Chuck to my Blair
the Kristen to my Dakota
the Emilie to my Rob
the Joe to my Nick
the Hermione to my Harry

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